Case & Package AssemblyAutomated dispensing systems for case and package assembly deliver precision and consistency in production operations.Back

Fluid dispensing is used during case and package assembly in different industries including mobile electronic products and medical devices. Using automated dispensing systems can bring high levels of volumetric precision, placement accuracy and consistency to the production environment, resulting in high throughput. Dispensing can be optimized to include a range of hardware dimensions, component surfaces, fluid handling methods, and process controls.

Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of automated fluid dispensing systems to meet different requirements. We offer specific solutions for bonding with hot-melt or PUR adhesives, sealing with glues, potting with UV-cure materials, or forming gaskets with silicones or anaerobic fluids.

Nordson ASYMTEK's fluid dispensers include advanced process controls, including heat control, fluid pressure regulation, weight control dispenses, and mass flow calibration. Weight-controlled dispenses can be maintained with flow-rate measurement routines.

Also available are a selection of jets, valves, pumps, dual-valve options, height sensors, tooling plates, and programming cameras, as well as cleanroom Spectrum? II systems. These options are available to meet your requirements when production volumes increase or new applications develop.

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