SMT Multi-function Splicer

Riveter machine takes as the terminal for the MES management of the SMT factory, which playing as the role of executive unit. This requires a perfect connection between the equipment and the MES system and the material system, and the equipment needs a high degree of intelligence and automation. L-900 not only meets the above requirements perfectly , but also provides incomparable reliability.


Product characteristics

● Automatic rivet for 8\12\16\24mm width tapes;

● Support for all material tapes;

● Can continuous use for 12-16 hours with once recharge;

● Bluetooth, WIFI communication function, can connect to the factory MES system;

● Support wireless scanner;

● Optional printer, label printing, convenient for material management;

● The adhesive strength is much better than ordinary film, guarantee for

high reliability of rivet.;

● Inteligent management system, realize rivet permit system;

● Slim body, convenient to move;

● Instant boot instant use, without training;

● Graphical interface is simple to operate.

Technical parameter

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