Although the automation process of SMT industry continues to evolve, but the automation of mounting machines has been stagnant. How to scientifically and systematically manage the connecting work, and how to realize the integration of the connecting work with the MES system of customers? The D-600 series automatic Splicer of Youngpool comes into being, and is dedicated to helping customers to reduce the defects caused by poor reception, improve enterprise management efficiency and reduce human cost.


Features and Benefits

● Slim appearance;

● Support paper and plastic material tape;

● Thickness range of the device's feeder belt: 0.25-0.8mm;

● The device can be used for 12-15 hours on a single charge;

● The equipment is equipped with blue-tooth and WIFI communication functions,

and can wirelessly connect to barcode reader and factory’s MES system;

● The film per roll has a capacity of 1500pcs and can be used continuously for a long time;

● Optional configure with printer -- able to print labels at sight, easy to track the

location of materials;

● Tape width is larger than 8mm, which provides stapler to connect material tapes,

can enhance compatibility;

● The machine weighs 55KG, easy to move;

● Graphical interface is easy to operate.

D-600 specifications

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