Pyramax 150Nz12
Pyramax 150Nz12 is an air furnace and nitrogen furnace in 12 districts. It is the fifth generation hot air reflux furnace provided by BTU company for SMT industry. It has 350 C heating temperature and 24"plate width processing capacity. By reducing power consumption, the production and operation cost of users is reduced to the greatest extent. It is a masterpiece of similar equipment. Its static pressure convection control provides unparalleled precise control for all key thermal process parameters. Pyramax exhibits great process flexibility and productivity when used in large-scale production and high-complexity applications.

Features and Benefits

●  Lead Free Ready

● 350℃ Max Temp

●forced impact convection heating

●Intelligent tracking SMEMA  

●Heating and cooling rate can be adjusted continuously

●Convection Control

●line program width adjustment

●Low Power Consume

●flexible configuration

●WINCON Special control software

●independent Safety protection system


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