Providing the link to automated End of Line processing, the IDM1000 inline PCBA dicing system complete with board handling. The Getech IDM dicing machine is your solution to the fastest way to depaneling PCB. The IDM fitted with a simple fixturing system,coupled to a flexible X & Y pick and place board handling facility for further End Of Line (EOL) operations, is the ultimate choice to deliver unrivaled performance in speed, accuracy and throughput.


● Extremely High dicing speeds up to 200 mm/sec

● Positioning speeds up to 1000 mm/sec

● High resolution Rotary fixture table for 360Φ precision alignment and dicing

● P&P arm to transfer de-panelized board to further automated EOL operations

● Gripper PCB pick & place

● CE Certification


Dicing capability

Non dicing speed : 1000 mm/sec

Repeatability : +/- 0.1 mm

Dicing speed : 200 mm/sec max


Configuration : X,Y, Z & W

Manipulator Motors : 7 axis AC brushless

servo motors

Manipulator Repeatability : ±0.016mm (Φ±5sec)


Board Positioning : Single workstation with dedicated gripper or fixture

Panel Location : Located by tooling holes or edges of PCB

Loading : Inline, “left to right” loading from conveyor

Unloading : Unloading with pick and place arm

Panel Size (mm) : 300 x 200

Panel Thickness : 0.5 – 20.

Machine size : 1.25 M x 1.5M x 1.75M

Weight : 1300kg

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