SMT solder paste printing machine is the equipment that printing solder paste on PCB board, it is the equipment that has the greatest impact on the process and quality. Kingmax-tech Continent full-automatic solder paste printing press is characterized by high density, high precision and miniaturization. It is the cutting-edge application of optoelectronic integration and the foundation of IT technology development. It is widely used in aerospace, communications, computers, digital cameras, digital devices, frequency converters and other related fields. PBC assembly process of products.

Optional Configuration

Steel Mesh management

Programmable controlled top clamp system

Automatic feeding solder paste

Temperature and humidity control

Three-stage conveyor

Closed high speed printin


SPI printing optimi-


Bar Code Reader

MES Customization

PCB cleaning function


Features and Benefits

Three wiping modes:dry、wet and vacuum

Three PCB Fixation Modes: Vacuum, Side

Clamp and Fixed Top Clamp

Automatic calculation of PCB thickness

Camera Stopper

CPK measurement function

Dual direction of PCB input transfer system

Back-to-back configuration

C-1000 series specifications

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