Kingmax-tech launched M-1000 series (Kingmax-tech Milion) laser marking system  , which  uses a 5W CO2 laser imported from the United States. Compared with the M-900, it has the function of turning the plate. After the radium carving, it can turn the plate quickly and carve a bigger PCB.


Four light source optional can be choosed -CO2,UV,Green &Fiber-optical

Z axis,more flexible printing

outer dust collector

PCB cleaner (conveyor length extend to 240mm)


Features and Benefits

◆ Standard with built-in high-speed platform trap door design

◆ Print 1D,2D,text and patterns

◆ Dual camera design,as reading as printing

◆ With smoke detection

◆ Built-in high power purification device ,fiow rate to 1200m3/H

◆ Safety door design, closed work prosess to prevent pollution ioto work environment

Standard SMEMA communication interface

M-1000 series  specifications

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