sliding valve

Youngpool SV-60 Series dispensing valve using sliding technology, which design is mainly aimed at the precise drip of paste fluid containing various kinds of powde. High frequency solenoid valve control to ensure rapid glue release, to break the glue completely by leverage. Specially suitable for 0201 passive element tin paste, repair of BGA solder dot,  wire drawing and molding of solder paste for RF shield, and special forming of conductive epoxy resin.



Glue break time is 8ms;

The viscosity range is more than 800000 CPS;

Realizable 0.25 mm diameter spot tin paste;

The production efficiency is more than 20% faster than the screw valve.


Offline clean: complete within 15min;

Cleaner: can't use acetone, only can use the solvent dissolving with colloidal material specified by material supplier

Consumables: 3 reusable O-rings


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