Youngpool PJ-60T series use the newest ceramic piezo-driven, supply for faster dispensing speed and longer working life, continuous  frequency is up to more than 500dot/s, instantaneous maximum frequency can up to 1000dot/s.


Spray into a gap as small as 200 μ m

Minimum dot diameter or line width is 0.3mm

Injection as small as 0.1nl

High speed----Non-contact spray dispense to eliminate Z-axis motion

High precision----The consistency accuracy of spray glue dot is more than 99%

Flexible----Match all Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing platforms

Low maintenance cost----Building block design, machine standard configure with tools, can finish clean and maintenance in short time

Long working life----Flexible replacement of wear-resistant needle and nozzle, extend working life.

Wide adaptability----Support to spray hot melt, meantime to support: UV、Epoxy、Encapsulant、Red gum、Rosin、Printing Ink、Enthyl alcohol、TIM、Conductive Adhesives


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