Nordson ASYMTEK’s DispenseJet DJ-9500 jet expands the list of jettable fluids for a wider range of applications. Incorporating over 20 years of jetting experience, the DJ-9500 jet provides even more capability than its DJ-9000 predecessor.


Features and Benefits

?Jets a wide range of fluids including underfill, silicones, encapsulates, conformal coating, UV adhesives and conductive epoxies

? Fast – jetting eliminates z-axis motion

? Accurate – jetting is highly repeatable

? Easy to use and maintain

? Dot diameter as small as 200 ?m (0.008 in.)

? Optional fluid pre-heaters for low- and highflow rate applications


Typical applications

? Flip chip, CSP, and BGA Underfill

? No-flow underfill

? Phosphor filled silicones

? Die attach materials

? Conductive adhesives and epoxies

? Thermal interfaces

? Stacked die adhesives

? UV-cure adhesives

? Conformal coating

? Many fluids from 1 to 250,000 mPa (cps)


Weight: 400 g (without syringe)

Syringe: 5, 10, or 30 cc or 6 oz cartridge

Platform compatibility (base model): All Nordson ASYMTEK

dispense platforms


Air solenoid pressure (valve): 6.0 Bar (85 psi) min.

Fluid pressure: 0.3-2 Bar (5-30 psi)


Orifice diameter: 0.050-1.00 mm (0.002-0.039 in.)


Offline cleaning:

           Approximately 10 minutes

Cleaning fluid:

           Use only solvents compatible with the fluids being 

           dispensed, as specified by the material supplier Valve comes equipped with a protective case, cleaning kit, spare seals and nozzles, seat, needle, and fluid feed tube 

Consumable parts

Includes: seals, nozzles, seat, needle, and fluid feed tube

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