FX-940UV Advanced High Power UV Lighting and newly available image processing technology integrate several techniques, including coverage inspection, color inspection, normalized correlation and rule-based algorithms, to provide complete inspection coverage with an unmatched low false failure rates.


◆Top down and optional side viewing cameras

◆Proprietary UV lighting

◆100 mm clearance for tall components


◆Optional thickness measurement


Inspection Capabilities

Throughput: Up to 30 sq. in./ sec. (194 sq. cm)

Maximum Board Size: 18.5” x 19” (470 x 482mm)

Clearance: 4” (100mm) top and bottom

Optional Upgrade: 4 side angle cameras, Board flipper

Defects Detected: Coatings and dispensed material coverage, non-coverage,

cracks and delamination, SMT and THT part defects.


Algorithms: Conformal Coating Inspection Color detection, OCV, OCR, Barcode recognition,both image and rules based algorithms.

Operating System: Windows 7

Off-line Software: Optional - Rework, Review and Program Creation

SPC Software: Real-time local and remote monitoring of first pass yield, defect trends, and machine utilization.

Data Outputs: Text, SQL, ODBC, MS Access, XML


Imager: Proprietary UV red and blue LEDs Up tp 18 megapixel color imaging sensor 23, 12 or 8 micron pixel size


Power: 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps

Footprint: 39” x 52” x 60” (1000mm x 1329mm x 1531mm)

Weight: 950 lbs (430 kg)

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