The Conexis conformal coating system provides both speed and flexibility and is ideal for mid-volume, high-accuracy applications. Linear encoders enable the system to reach a maximum speed of 700 mm per second and an overall accuracy of 50 microns. Additional features and options can be added to the coater as production needs change.

Features and Benefits

? Modular platform design allows options to be added as application needs change

? Up to three valves can be mounted to support a wide range of applications

? User software with offline programming capability offers an intuitive interface and provides powerful process controls

? Welded frame and linear encoders increase speed and accuracy

? Automate your conformal coating process by leveraging our world-leading expertise in fluid dynamics, and award-winning global support network


Motion System 

XY velocity: 700 mm/s

XY acceleration: 1 G (1000 mm/s?)

Z-axis velocity: 250 mm/s

XYZ encoder resolution: 1 ?m

Positional accuracy: 50 ?m

Rotation (optional feature): 360 degrees (only with Z-axis with motorized rotation and tilt [DR-2010])

Work Area 

525 x 420 mm

Facility Requirements 

Dimensions :1330 x 1430 mm

Power requirement (peak): 200 VAC or 220/240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz,2500 Watt

Air requirement: 6 bar, 85 PSI, 100 L/min

Weight: 510 kg without tanks

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