The scalable Spectrum II series is ideal for highvolume production of advanced dispensing processes, including underfill, cavity fill, die attach,and encapsulation.


Features and Benefits

o High precision X-Y-Z motion system

o Total system wet dispense accuracy performance for dots and lines

o Patented, closed-loop process controls for consistent dispense weight over long production runs

o Independent X, Y, Z dual simultaneous valve dispensing option for increased productivityo Integrated vision system with on and off axis lighting options

o Integrated substrate heating options for up to 6 stations

o Programmable dual-axis tilt option


Motion System

Z repeatability : ±15 ?m (0.0006 in.), 3 sigma

X-Y repeatability : ±15 ?m (0.0006 in.), 3 sigma

X-Y acceleration: 1 g peak

X-Y velocity: 1 m/s peak (40 in./s)

X-Y-Z encoder resolution: 1 ?m

Dispense Area (X-Y)

339 x 410 mm (13.3 x 16.1 in.)


Min. board/carrier width : 34 mm (1.3 in.)

Max. board/carrier thickness: 12 mm (0.5 in.)

Max. board/carrier length: One station: 340 mm (13.4 in.)

                                  Three stations: 320 mm (12.6 in.)

Min. board/carrier length: 25 mm (1.0 in.)

Max. board/carrier width: Single lane: 535 mm (21.1 in.)

                                 Dual lane: up to 228 mm (9.0 in.)

Facilities Requirements

System footprint: Single heat station: 600 mm wide x 1321 mm deep (23.6 x 52.0 in.)

                                                 Two heat stations: 850 x 1321 mm (33.5x52.0 in.)

                                                 Three heat stations: 1100 x 1321 mm (43.3x52.0 in.)

Air supply: Two air supplies: one with 3 CFM @ 100 psi for contact tooling, a second one with 1 CFM @ 100 psi for the rest of the system (100 psi = 689 kPa,6.8 atm)

Power (mains): Power supply accommodates 200-240VAC, 47-63 Hz single phase, 30 A

Ventilation: Downdraft or updraft

System weight (4): 377-422 kg (830-930 lbs.)

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