Youngpool Science and Technology is shining brilliantly at the Suzhou New Technology Seminar!Date:24 Jun 2019       Source:       Browse:178Back

The Annual 2009 ACT Conference on Intelligent Technology and Application was launched at Jinji Lake in Suzhou. Yangpu Science and Technology arrived as scheduled!

Four conferences were held on the same day. One step by step, new technology seminar, laser gathering, visual system design technology conference and industrial AI seminar were staged on the same stage. The seminar was cross-border and integrated. It elaborated a high-quality industry event for nearly 3,000 electronic manufacturers.

Youngpool Science and Technology has made full preparations to meet the visitors. This seminar mainly shows the self-developed automatic feeder D-600 and multi-functional feeder D-900. Many friends have great interest in the feeder. They also put forward the difficulties and complications of enterprises in feeding. Our staff patiently answered the questions of friends. And sincerely invite them to visit our company!

Subsequently, the sales director of Youngpool Science and Technology gave a speech on the theme of "Automated Feeding Technology of Helping Industry 4.0". From why we need "Automated Feeding" and how to choose "Automated Feeding Machine", these two issues were highlighted, which solved the confusion of the majority of friends about the selection of Feeding Machine. The speech was highly praised by guests and friends.

Youngpool Technology Sales Director Interview with New Technology Seminar

The New Technology Seminar is a group photo of major enterprises.

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