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The third weekend in June is a Father's Day.

Father's Day

Father, sacred name!

He shoulders the responsibility of life and supports the harbor of home!

Father's love is like a mountain. He lifts our hope for the future with his heavy shoulders.

He never expresses himself, the depth of love

He came back from the dusty, his face was covered with vicissitudes of life.

Time always flies fast. One day, when I look up and see the calendar, I find that time slips away in a hurry in my fingers.

In June, rainy days and scorching sun often exchange with each other.

But June also has its tenderness.

When we take our clothes off the balcony

It smells warm. After the heavy rain, there's a gentle breeze coming.

Our father is also such a contradiction.

Dad is "complicated"

It's so complicated that he has many facets.

Sometimes he is very careless.

But you will be very careful about your affairs.

Sometimes he's not very particular.

But try to make the best of it.

Show your boyfriend

He saved enough to buy a bottle of water.

But willing to pay all your savings for you


The man who loves you the most in the world

Maybe he never said "I love you".

But he carried everything in silence.

Maybe he's not gentle enough.

But he loves you in the softest way.

Everyone's father is worth showing off.

"There's a cool person in my family who can't get in with three heads and six arms.

His palm was a little thick, and he led me to learn to walk.

Dad was never Superman

Yes, you are.

I just want to be Superman every day.

Dad is the commonest

It's also the most powerful Superman

Father's Day, a holiday that belongs to you. I wish time would be a little slower. I've grown up and you haven't grown old yet.

The father is a tree, a superman, and his children have no other wish. I wish him peace and health.

This Father's Day, please accompany your father and surprise him.

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