Warmly celebrate the splendor of YOUNGPOOL Technology in the third Dongguan CMM Exhibition!Date:22 May 2019       Source:       Browse:273Back

On May 16, 2019, the 3rd China Electronic Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition opened at Dongguan Houjie Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology, as one of more than 200 exhibition companies, jointly participated in the manufacturing event. More than 30,000 kinds of exhibits attracted more than 200 enterprises from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, bringing a sophisticated intelligent equipment and automation to the audience. Technology feast.

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology Exhibition Site

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology Exhibition is crowded with people, and the customers who come to negotiate are endless. Customer friends consult the information of field equipment, exchange industry experience with each other, and solve production difficulties. Our staff discuss and exchange with industry personages at the exhibition, and share the achievements of innovative technology experience.

At this exhibition, YOUNGPOOL Technologies displayed Yangpu Technologies D-600 intelligent feeder, L-900 multi-functional feeder, Qingma laser marker M-900 and M2-900, Qingma tin paste printing machine C-1000, Spectrum S2-900, Nordson SL-940 coating machine, EAGLE 3D-8800PRODL, GETECHGBR1000 non-treatment sub-board machine. Customer friends were curious about these devices, our engineers and sales. The staff patiently answered the questions for the customer friends, and the customer friends friendly expressed that they would consider cooperation in the future.

The lottery continued

Every time YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology exhibition will bring rich gifts to customers and friends, this time is no exception; high-grade insulation cups, Towel Gift boxes, Bluetooth speakers, notebooks, ballpoint pens are all given to customers and friends free of charge, the gifts are light and affectionate.

Mysterious Spider-Man

I believe that all the friends who have seen the Avenger Alliance are familiar with Spider-Man. This exhibition YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology invites a mysterious guest Spider-Man to help. Spider-Man's arrival has become the beautiful scenery of the entire venue. It immediately attracts many customers to take photos. Customer friends expressed that it was really amazing!

YOUNGPOOL  Science and Technology Invited Interview

YOUNGPOOL Technology Sales Director accepted the media interview and said that he was honored to attend the CMM exhibition in Dongguan. He also answered some questions for many customers and friends. He summarized the bright points of YOUNGPOOL technology equipment and the trend of SMT industry. He also said that YOUNGPOOL Technology will continue to provide better service for customers and friends.

A group photo of members of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology Team

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