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This spring, everything is really new, it's not so lively!

Exhibitions and forums bombed in turn

Linyuan admires fish, so it's better to retreat and netting!

Invited by the organizers, YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology resolutely participated in the highly concerned international electronics manufacturing event - NEPCON China International Electronics Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON China 2019). The three-day industry event (April 24-26) successfully concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion.

As an annual feast and quality exhibition in the field of electronic manufacturing, NEPCON China's scale has been magnificently upgraded again in 2019. More than 500 well-known exhibitors and brands are gathered in the 35,000 square meters exhibition area, which is expected to attract more than 30,000 professional buyers.

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology has devoted more than ten years to the field of electronic manufacturing, and has cherished NEPCON China's "interconnected new ecology, intelligent new forces" in 2019, which closely conforms to the development trend of industry intelligence. Always pay attention to 5G, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, security, medical, rail transit, new energy, automation and other hot industries.

YOUNGPOOL Technologies brought three products to the exhibition, located in the SMT production line exhibition area of "China Smart Manufacturing". At the exhibition site, electronic micro-assembly and SiP process exhibition area, Smart DreamWorks Version 2.0, and the SMT production line exhibition area of "China Smart Manufacturing" of Yangpu Technologies presented a panoramic view of cutting-edge product technology and innovative solutions in various fields. As well as a series of hotspot activities such as China International Electronics Manufacturing Summit, Digital Factory and Consumer Electronics Quality Standards Forum in 5G era, they have been warmly sought after and unanimously praised by audiences from 5G, telecommunication electronics, automotive electronics and semiconductor industries.

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology Exhibition Line

YOUNGPOOL  science and technology products are novel and have remarkable advantages. Many customers come to Yangpu to know and pay close attention to the products. Sales engineers carefully explain the performance of the equipment and how to solve the difficult problems of customers.

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology takes every customer who comes to know and pay attention to seriously, and carefully prepares the exquisite accompanying gift. Every exhibition, Yangpu Science and Technology will bring full sincerity to receive every good friend who cares about us!

Although the exhibition time is short, Yangpu Science and Technology often accompanies us. We meet because of the exhibition and become friends and partners because of in-depth understanding. Yangpu Science and Technology will serve you with the spirit of pragmatism, innovation and pursuit of excellence. In this flashy era, the era of rapid economic development, let us, in the spirit of craftsmen, to provide professional technical services for the industry need you to dedicate the leading technology solutions and equipment of Shangyangpu Science and Technology!

The May exhibition announces that from May 16 to 18, Yangpu Science and Technology will bring two whole lines to meet you in B/C/D area of No. 3 Hall of Dongguan Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center - marking line body - coating line body!

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