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The 2nd China (Chongqing) Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Exposition opened on April 11 in Yuelai Pavilion, Chongqing International Expo Center.

As one of the exhibitors, YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology witnessed the grand occasion of more than 100 domestic excellent electronic intelligent equipment manufacturers and international electronic equipment manufacturers in this electronic intelligent exhibition, showing more than 500 precision electronic intelligent equipment and sophisticated equipment.

YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology Exhibition booth is crowded with people and customers, which has become a beautiful scenery on the exhibition site. Our staff discuss and communicate with industry personages at the exhibition to share the fruits of innovative technology experience.

At this exhibition, YOUNGPOOL Technologies displayed YOUNGPOOL Technologies L-900 multi-functional feeder, Qingma laser marker, Qingma Xigao printing machine, Nordson Vantage dispensing machine, Nordson SL-940 coating machine, GETECHGBR1000 non-treatment sub-board machine. Customer friends were curious about these devices. Our engineers and salesmen patiently answered questions for customer friends and customer friends. They expressed their friendliness that cooperation would be considered in the future.

YOUNGPOOL Technology Sales Director Accepts Interviews with Major Media.

At the same time, the exhibition has also been held, the 2019 "Quick Cup" National High-skilled Welding Assembly Competition, athletes from different fields. This welding contest builds a platform for electronic assembly technicians to discuss technology and test their welding skills, theoretical basis and strain ability. The aim is to cultivate and improve the welding technology level of electronic products of practitioners in the industry, set an industry example, and show the "craftsman spirit" of striving for excellence.

Photographs of scientific and technological workers in YOUNGPOOL 

So far, the 29th China International Electronics Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology NEPCON China 2019 will be grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion from April 24 to 26, 2019. The booth number is Pavilion 2 - 2S28. At that time, we sincerely invite colleagues from the industry to participate in the exhibition. We set sail in 2019, which will bring you different highlights and wonderful!

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