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On March 15, the first new technology conference of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology was successfully held at Baoan Fuyong Baoli International Hotel in Shenzhen.

The seminar was supported by many parties, including Nordson ASYMTEK team, KINGMAX-TECH team, NEPCON organizing committee members, China Saibao Laboratory staff, SMT Association staff and so on. On the spot, Liang also accepted an interview with SMT China surface mounting technology!

Beginning at 8:00 a.m., the check-in desk is ready to receive customers, and the venue is also ready. Customers begin to check in in in an endless stream.

In order to cater to 3.15, our press conference was temporarily changed to 9:15, which was officially launched. Ms. Zeng Xiaoling, deputy general manager of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology, appeared at the stage center. On behalf of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends who have come all the way from YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology.

01 "New Solution to Dispensing Technology Problems of Gum-hanging, Bubble and Dispersion"

02 "Laser Marking Technology in the Subversive Era"


After tea break, I came back to start a major play -- "Automated Matching Technology of Helping Industry 4.0" brought by Liang Xin, General Manager of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology. I want to show you two new products of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology - D-600 Intelligent Matching Machine and L-900 Multi-function Matching Machine, which are very popular with you!

03 "Automated Feeding Technology of Helping Industry 4.0"

04 "Close Spacing: The Challenge of Industry 4.0 to Printing Technology"

05 "Evaluation and Selection of Glue"

The on-site speech is very wonderful, everyone is very enthusiastic, listen carefully, answer questions, and ask questions is also positive!

Speech style

Every guest speaker's speech is very wonderful. YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology not only brings such a wonderful speech to you, but also prepares tea break and lunch for you. The object is very exquisite, and the lunch is rich!

Xiaobian simply took a few pictures as a souvenir

So far, the first 3.15 New Technology Conference of YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology has been a success. At the time of success, YOUNGPOOL Science and Technology has made great efforts to promote new technology to the industry. On March 29, 2019, in the Boyue Banquet Hall on the fourth floor of Grand Yuntian International Hotel, Shenzhen, it continued to bring you technical explanation on glue dispensing, such as "glue hanging, bubbles, disperse glue dispensing process, etc." Friends who did not understand the seminar can continue to listen to it.~

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